TCCA – Temperature Chamber Control Agent

Integrate Climate Control into your Lab Testing

Are you using climate control in your battery lab testing to capture advanced analytics? With each added component, such as chillers and temperature chambers, you will receive helpful data along with adding more complexities to your process. Bitrode’s Temperature Chamber Control Agent (TCCA) is the solution for integrating climate control into your lab testing equipment without adding extra steps. TCCA interfaces with over 40 leading chamber controllers (list on other side), and Bitrode can review additional controllers for compatibility.*

The Temperature Chamber Control Agent is an ancillary program within Bitrode’s VisuaLCN™ software that pairs Bitrode’s outstanding lab testing equipment and your existing climate control equipment. TCCA allows you to program a temperature set point for each step of your battery lab test. TCCA can automate the control of the chillers, chambers, and other equipment with set limits and conditions, enabling you to run tests over long periods of time without being present. Instead of juggling multiple programs, TCCA puts all the power into one, centralized program. The days of switching from program to program are over.

Temperature Chamber Control Agent (TCCA) is a client application of LCN Server as is VisuaLCN™ LAB Client and Formation Client.



Figure 1-1 illustrates a sample hardware configuration. The minimal configuration is shown in black – a PC is connected to a single Bitrode Corporation network adapter and module, as well as a single temperature chamber. Both the temperature chamber controller and the network adapter communicate via RS232, each attached to its own serial port on the PC. More extensive configurations are also supported, as shown in grey. Additional temperature chambers can be connected to the first via RS485 (supported by certain temperature chamber models, such as the Thermotron 7800), or can be attached to other serial ports. Similarly, additional Bitrode modules can be chained to a single network adapter, or additional network adapters can be installed to support a greater number of modules.
In addition to RS232 and RS485 connections, Some interfaces also support Ethernet.



• Streamline battery testing into one location
• Works seamlessly in Bitrode’s VisuaLCN Software
• Easily program temperature set points for automatic testing
• Compatible with many leading controllers, including serial and ethernet protocols
• If your controller is not listed, Bitrode may be able to design a solution (additional charges may apply)


Can be used to control additional lab equipment:

  • Temperature Chambers
  • Chillers
  • Other Equipment


Computing Requirements

• A working VisuaLCN Lab or Formation Client
• 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86- or x64-bit processor
• 2+ Gigabytes of RAM
• Windows 7, 8, or 10
• 1+ Gigabyte of free hard drive space
• Uninterruptible Power Supply
• Printer
• One high speed buffered serial card per network adapter (Only for Bitrode systems that use serial communication)
• One dedicated network card, isolated from all other networks. A switch is recommended. (Only for Bitrode systems that use Ethernet communication)


Supported Controllers:

Thermotron 7800/8800
Watlow Modbus
VersaTenn 3
Watlow SD Modbus
EPRI Modbus
Watlow EZ-Zone
EZT560i, EZT570i, EZT560s
Binder MBI
Envirotronics Solutions Plus
Vötsch Model VC3 7018
Vötsch Model VC3 4018
Espec SCP220 and P300
Angelantoni (Discovery, Sunrise, Wazzle, and AnyVib)
Angelantoni (CC)
Lney Kry Series (CC)
Omron CP1H-XA40DR-A
Thermotron 2800
FGH 3000
Custom Siemens S7 1200
Sushi Guangbo UMC1200v2.0
Giant Force CLCD9700
Giant Force CLCD9700 (CC)
Beijing ling gong LQ10K-D (CC)
Giant Force CLCD970 H (CC)
Giant Force CLD9700 Drastic
Change (CC)
Giant Force CLCD9700 Salty
Moist (CC)
Giant Force Chiller PLC (CC)
Giant Force CLCD9700 All
Weather (CC)
Beijing ling gong LQ10k-D (CC)
Giant Force Airspeed Simulator
Giant Force CLCD9700 Thermal
Radiation (CC)
Watlow F4T
Hanyoung Nux TH500
Relai Modicon M221
Giant Force 9700S