VisuaLCN Formation Software

Control in a familiar interface

Are you developing batteries for lead-acid or advanced cell chemistries? VisuaLCN Formation software, together with Bitrode’s outstanding formation hardware will give you superior control of your production workflow. Navigate through your workflow with the click of a mouse and control your processes with drag-and-drop ease of use.  Designed for flexibility, VisuaLCN’s Windows-based client-server architecture allows you to work on a standalone computer or control your Bitrode hardware from anywhere on your network. Using intuitive images and controls familiar to Windows users eases the learning curve for operators and staff.  The software is an easy to use, fully featured, flexible and powerful programming tool for Bitrode formation equipment that enables the user to spend more time charging and less time writing and debugging the program. You’ll be impressed with how smoothly a new program can be built and how well the VisuaLCN system will integrate with existing enterprise networks.

Customize your workspace

VisuaLCN Formation Client SoftwareVisuaLCN’s Formation software Client Window provides a fully customized workspace for circuitry control, allowing you to place graphic representations of your formation chargers anywhere on screen. Organize views of your charging circuits to reflect a map of the formation floor, or in any other layout you choose. Circuits can be viewed singly or grouped for convenience in control and status review.  Choose the information you need to view. Formation Client allows you to pick from any of several variables to view in real time for each circuit, keeping information about voltage, current, program step, or other variables in plain sight.  When a charging program is started, Formation Client asks you what type of batteries you are producing, how many are on the string, and what boost program to run. You can specify extra fields or notes to add to the data returned from formation or where in a program to start the circuit running. Once these choices are made, hit the “Start” button and you’re off and running!

Monitor your progress

Don’t be left in the dark. VisuaLCN’s realtime data acquisition capability allows you to check the progress of a running circuit using one of several methods. View data from circuits in process using the tabular Individual Circuit Status window, or check progress graphically, watching variables plot in real-time. Data can be gathered from individual circuits or from entire groups in the Formation Client Window. Color coded alarms notify you when circuits are in need of attention. We understand that you aren’t always in your manufacturing facility. That’s why we created the User Connection Center. With this feature, you can create trigger alerts that generate text messages or emails to notify you of a change in your program.

Analyze your results

VisuaLCN Formation Client SoftwareQuality control and battery development depend upon access to test data for success. VisuaLCN offers great flexibility to interpret such data. Information returned from your tests can be viewed in tabular format or in a user-configurable graphic view.   Choose the data you need to see, and how you’d like to see it. Graphs are easy to interpret with user-customized data ranges, graph colors and line styles.   Whether you need an Excel spreadsheet, an Access database, or a dynamic graph of your test results, VisuaLCN can help you create a report of your own design.


  • Create custom charging programs with minimal training
  • Manage your workflow with user-configurable circuit organization
  • Expand/collapse views of program steps for easy monitoring
  • Obtain accurate results thanks to built-in program syntax and variable value checking
  • Analyze your data using built-in graphing utility, Excel spreadsheet or Access database
  • Receive real-time email or text message updates for custom defined events

System Requirements

  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86- or x64-bit processor
  • 2+ Gigabytes of RAM
  • Windows 8 or Windows 10 Operating System
  • 1+ Gigabyte of free hard drive space
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Printer
  • One high speed buffered serial card per network adapter (Only for Bitrode systems that use serial communication)
  • One dedicated network card, isolated from all other networks. A switch is recommended. (Only for Bitrode systems that use Ethernet communication)

Note: You must have at least 1 Gigabyte of hard drive space free for VisuaLCN to operate. Extra hard drive space will be required to store any data collected from the hardware modules. Systems with multiple circuits or high data acquisition may require more memory and CPU speed.

pdficon_large Click to download the PDF: VisuaLCN- Formation