Developing state-of-the-art laboratory systems. Our equipment supports:

  • Life cycle testing
  • Drive simulation for EVs
  • Charge/Discharge testing
  • Cold crank testing
  • Reserve capacity testing
  • Start/Stop testing
  • Supercap/Ultracap Testing

Laboratory »

Ensuring a seamless manufacturing process.  Our equipment supports:

  • Automotive/SLI
  • Stationary & industrial VRLA
  • Tackless plate formation
  • High rate testing
  • Production line testing
  • End of line testing
  • Acid recirculation

Manufacturing »

Delivering industry-leading customer support. Our services include:

  • User training
  • Custom engineering services
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Preventative/scheduled maintenance
  • Calibration services
  • Extended warranties
  • Spare/replacement parts

Service & Support »

Providing user-friendly software applications. Features include:

  • User-configurable circuit organization
  • Remote web-based monitoring
  • Windows-based architecture
  • Multi-circuit control with one PC
  • Built-in program syntax
  • Versatile data analysis tools
  • Custom Software Engineering

Software »

New cycler unveiled at Booth 10 – D 24 Stuttgart

New cycler unveiled at Booth 10 – D 24 Stuttgart

The new Bitrode Digital Cycler™ will be unveiled this week at the Battery Show Europe in Messe Stuttgart. Please stop by Both 10 – D 24 to see the international debut of this important regenerative unit.


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Video Showcases BTDC™ Cell Cycler

A new animation video has just been released. Click here! You can also view a longer video on the product specification page.

Bitrode Digital Cycler™ (BTDC™) is the ultimate battery testing solution, designed specifically for high-capacity cells, with exceptional performance specifications.

A demo model will be available at The Battery Show Europe from May 23-25, 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany.


World Wide Support. Global Presence.

Bitrode maintains a vast network of sales and support offices throughout the world.  From the new global headquarters facility in St. Louis, Missouri to several regional offices outside the US, Bitrode provides all customers timely and knowledgeable industry support.

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