MCV™ – EV/ HEV Battery Cell Tester

  • Parallel circuit operation for greater flexibility in test specification
  • Constant current, power or voltage control
  • Bipolar capacity for discharging to below zero volts (optional)
  • Optional inputs can be assigned to any test channel
  • Program execution is independent from the PC with VisuaLCN software
  • Remote Binary Protocol via Ethernet connection available for 3rd party software control
  • Program headers available in software for global control
  • Each circuit is operated by the Bitrode’s Windows-based
  • VisuaLCN software program via the VisuaLCN Lab Client software
  • VisuaLCN product platform allows users to:
    • create custom test profiles
    • monitor test progress of each test circuit
    • analyze the collected data in the Access database, which can be exported to Excel via a .csv file within Quick Data view


  • Cell Voltage Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Digital Input/Output
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Ramp Charge/Discharge
  • Expressions-based program limit conditions
  • Constant resistance discharge
  • Internal resistance calculation
  • Bipolar voltage capability
  • Charge/Discharge AH/WH
  • Real Time Clock
  • Sub-step Sampling
  • Remote Input Output (RIO) system
  • CAN interface
  • Open Protocol Interface via Ethernet connection available for 3rd party software control
  • Environmental Chamber Interface
  • EIS Meter Interface
  • Drive simulations with standard Electric Vehicle tests:
    • Federal Urban Driving Schedule (FUDS and SFUDS)
    • Dynamic Stress Test (DST)
    • ECE-15L
  • Life Cycle Testing: Perform charge/discharge cycling of batteries or modules to obtain charge and discharge capacity, energy and DC internal resistance
  • Automotive Battery Testing

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General Specifications

Voltage: 0-18V(other voltages available)

Current: 1µA-300A (2700 in parallel)

Circuits: up to 96

Network: Ethernet

Accuracy: ± 0.05% Full Scale & ± 0.025% at 25oC ±5oC *

Data Sampling Rate: up to 10mS

*Accuracy values are conservative assuming operation will be through the standard temperature range of 0-40˚ C and RH from 10-90% (non-condensing). Units calibrated and maintained in a temperature and humidity controlled environment can expect an accuracy of 0.02-0.05%FS.

High Accuracy Upgrades available for existing MCV Machines 


The MCV is a low-current life cycle test system for the development of primary and rechargeable batteries in various chemistries. Operating from a common microprocessor, multiple circuits in the MCV module can run individual test programs.  Additionally, the MCV is designed and built for ease of maintenance and service.  The modular construction means that most subassemblies, large or small, remove easily for service outside the cabinet and fast replacement.