FTF – High Power & Voltage Pack Testing System

  • IGBT Design for efficiency and high-performance operation
  • Design for 100% duty cycle at max power
  • Over-current, under-current, over-voltage and under-voltage protection standard on all models
  • No performance loss under voltage control
  • Quick disconnects on output leads
  • Test control and data management with Bitrode’s VisuaLCN™ Lab Client Software
  • Constant Current (CV), Constant Voltage (CV), and Constant Power (CP) control
  • Program execution is independent of the PC with VisuaLCNTM software
  • CE compliant
  • Discharge power recycled to AC line for cooler, energy-efficient operation
  • Built-in isolation transformer, AC input filter, and DC output filter
  • Optional inputs (i.e. temperature, voltage and digital inputs/outputs) assignable to any channel
  • 3rd party software control through Remote Binary Protocol (RBP) via Ethernet connection. RBP sold separately.
  • Safety features include circuit shutdown when the cabinet door is open
  • Dual output (FTF2) in one cabinet with independent control
  • FTF systems configured at the time of quote so you get the exact desired system and options
  • Up to two current ranges per circuit
  • Optional inputs (i.e. temperature, voltage and digital inputs/outputs) assignable to any channel
  • Temperature, Reference Voltage and Pressure monitoring available
  • Digital I/O with functions assigned per individual test program
  • Expression-based program limit conditions
  • DC Internal Resistance calculation
  • Integration with Battery Management Systems: CAN
  • Battery Simulation (BattSim) mode for electric motor/generator testing with user-specified controls: voltage,
    internal resistance, maximum power. Optional protection module available offers an added layer of protection to
    the FTF if case the inverter, motor controller, or other DUT connected to the FTF fails, loses control, or
    discharges an amount of energy outside the capabilities of the FTF. The energy is absorbed until the FTF can shut
    down in a safe controlled manner.
  • Parallel BattSim mode for higher current requirements available for specific configurations.
  • Ramp charge/discharge
  • Insulation Monitoring Device
  • Constant Resistance Discharge
  • Remote Input Output (RIO) box reduces excessive cable lengths when connecting to a remote test station.
  • Over 300 additional sensor connections available when adding external RIO box
  • External Parallel Controller (PCC) can control up to four circuits for higher power or higher current test
  • Drive Cycle Conversion utility automates test program development from acquired battery usage data
  • Zero Volt option allowing discharge capabilities down to zero volts
  • Power PC option that allows 1ms data acquisition and expanded the number of programming Steps
  • Custom Hardware and Software engineering services
  • Environmental chamber control
  • Ramp up/down of voltage in Battsim Mode
  • Inverter, UPS, Generator, and Flywheel Testing
  • Battery Testing, including all advanced chemistries
  • Fuel Cell discharge testing
  • Drive Cycle Simulation Testing: FUDS, SFUDS, GSFUDS, DST and ECE-15L
  • Cycle Testing of EV / HEV / PHEV Battery Packs
  • Bi-directional DC Power Supply
  • Microgrid Battery Conditioning: Increase lifespan, efficiency and performance battery banks
  • Vehicle Drivetrain testing
  • Super Capacitor and Ultra-capacitor testing

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General Specifications

Voltage: 35-500V / 40-700V / 58-1000V (Zero Volt optional)

Current:  up to 1000A (4000A in parallel)

Circuits:  up to 2

Network:  Ethernet

Power: up to 300kW per cabinet; up to 1.2MW when using an external parallel controller

Accuracy: ±0.05% of full scale*

Data Sampling Rate: 10ms (1ms optional)

Current Slew Rate: <4ms (10-90%) (dependent on cabinet specs)

Peak Efficiency: >92% (with typical 89-92)

*Accuracy values are conservative assuming operation will be through the standard temperature range of 0-40˚ C and RH from 10-90% (non-condensing). Units calibrated and maintained in a temperature and humidity controlled environment can expect an accuracy of 0.02-0.05%FS.



The FTF is scalable to provide a maximum output power of 1.2MW. The FTF automated test system is designed to
provide continuous operation in high power applications where precise control of current and voltage is required.