CDN – High Voltage Charge/Discharge Formation

  • Charge/Discharge current can be controlled to within ±1% of maximum output
  • Constant current, voltage, ampere-hour and power controls
  • SCR Technology
  • Discharge energy recycled to the AC line for cooler, more economical operation
  • Operation via microcontroller and Bitrode’s VisuaLCN Formation Client Software
  • Modular construction and easy access front and rear panels for maintenance
  • Three phase bridge to recycle discharge energy, resulting in cost savings
  • Polarity reversal for bus bar maintenance
  • Container formation for valve-regulated lead acid batteries
  • Cell or Battery Switching Module
  • Cell Voltage Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • High impedance reference electrode (100 Mega Ohms @ LSV) for monitoring formation of individual cell elements
  • Ramp Charge/Discharge
  • Constant Resistance Discharge
  • Polarity reversal for tackless formation applications
  • Pulse charging capability
  • High voltage formation of stationary and industrial VRLA batteries
  • Tackless formation of automotive and industrial plates
  • Dry-charge formation

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General Specifications

Voltage:  100-550V

Current: up to 4500A

Circuits:  up to 16

Network: Coax

Accuracy: +1% FS*

Input Power Supply: 3-phase, 50/60 Hz

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Available in a wide range of currents and voltages, the CDN is an economical solution for high voltage charge/discharge formation of stationary and industrial VRLA batteries and tank formation of automotive and industrial plates.

Using Bitrode’s three phase silicon-controlled rectifier, multiple circuits can be packaged in a single cabinet for low cost applications. In discharge, a three phase bridge discharges the DC energy back to the AC power line. This feature turns discharge energy into electrical power instead of heat, reducing stress on equipment and on the production formation environment.