HRD – High Rate Discharge Battery Testing System

  • Water Cooled Cables, Resistor and Solid State SCR Controlled Load Switching
  • Panel mounted polarity reverse control to allow bipolar battery testing without battery manipulation
  • Equipped with voltage sensing leads and digital display of battery voltage during test
  • On models equipped with optional 2 or 3 range resistance, operator chooses range from panel mounted switch
  • Analog ammeter supplied in ranges of zero to 1500, 2000 or 3000 amperes to visually monitor discharge current during test
  • Optional digital meter to hold final discharge current
  • Front panel indicator warning lights for over temperature, low water pressure and over current
  • Models available with 1500, 2000 or 3000 ampere maximum discharge
  • Open circuit voltage test and reject (12 volt only)
  • Sturdy metal 52” stand available for mounting the tester above and behind a production line conveyor
  • Load voltage test and reject (12 volt only)
  • Two or three range discharge current
  • Digital meter to hold last discharge current
  • Closed Loop cooling system
  • Attachment to a Bitrode Model TFX Automated Test Fixture
  • High rate discharge testing of automotive and commercial 6 & 12-volt batteries

General Specifications

Voltage:  20V

Current: up to 3000A

Circuits: 1

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The HRD family of equipment is designed for high rate discharge testing of automotive and commercial 6 and 12 volt batteries. Using Bitrode’s exclusive pneumatically assisted manual test cables, the operator can perform a short test on each battery to find defects such as poor welds, reversed plates, and poorly formed batteries.

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