Running Lean

The growing electric vehicle industry is pushing automotive companies to invest in more advanced battery pack testers. To keep up with growing energy demands, companies now require battery pack testers that can handle up to 900V/1000A/650kW.

Bitrode’s FTF Energy Storage Test System is the perfect solution. The FTF’s IGBT design equips it for high-performance and efficiency with 100% duty cycle at max power. No performance is lost under voltage control and quick disconnects on output leads save time.

The rising demand for more FTF products is changing how Bitrode approaches production. Bitrode transformed the traditional FTF to the new Lean line concept. The new Lean concept is a company-wide initiative to improve Bitrode’s products and services by reducing waste and variation.

Ryan Blood, Bitrode’s Plant Manager, said, “As we started to build FTFs in the new cell, we continued to identify waste in the process. So we broke down the overall build into small manageable chunks of work and decreased the tech assembly time by 1/3. The definition of Lean manufacturing that I live by is simply the maniacal pursuit of eliminating waste.”

Bitrode’s dedication to minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency has paved the way for automotive companies to rely on better Bitrode equipment designed for a competitive marketplace. It’s a win/win/win.


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