COMING SOON: Instructional Videos on Bitrode’s TFX

[bs_lead]Project Manager Mike Muretich and Marketing Specialist Brady Hardin teamed up to create an upcoming series of instructional videos on Bitrode’s TFX – End of Line Testing System.[/bs_lead]

The videos will feature Mike’s introduction to the equipment, plus a step-by-step guide to using key functions. They will include an introduction to the equipment’s parts, a demo on calibrating new batteries, switching between side-loading and top-loading battery end of line testing, and more.


To learn more about the specs and features of Bitrode’s TFX – End of Line Testing System, visit our website at

If you’d prefer a .pdf to download or print, you’ll find a download link under the equipment’s title on the webpage (same for all our equipment webpages).


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