Power Sharing in FTF

How to understand power-sharing in Bitrode’s dual circuit FTF family of machines.


Bitrode Corporation offers power-sharing in our FTF machines. But what does that mean for you?

The best way to describe the benefit of power sharing is through an example of when it can be used. In a dual circuit, an FTF that has the total power rating of 400KW will share the 400KW between the two circuits. For an example the circuits could share the power evenly; ckt1=200KW and ckt2=200KW at the same time. The FTF could also distribute the power nonsymmetrical i.e. ckt1=150KW and ckt2=250KW at the same time. The circuits are controlled completely independently of each other. This allows the FTF circuits to utilize the full power available in the FTF. The only limitation in the distribution of power between the circuits is that the absolute sum of the power being output by each circuit may not exceed the total power of the cabinet.

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