New FTF-HV Trade Ad

Catch a sneak peek of our new ad for the FTF-HV!

Our new ad is releasing soon in Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine, Batteries and Energy Storage Technology Magazine, Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology News, and other extraordinary trade publications.


The NEW FTF-HV features: 

  • Single or Dual Circuit Model Available
  • Up to 600A/450KW Per Channel
  • IGBT Design for 92% Efficiency
  • 100% Duty Cycle Capable at Max Power
  • Discharge Regenerative to the Grid
  • 0.05% Current Accuracy with 30mSec Risetime and Zero Overshoot
  • Test Control and Data Management with Bitrode’s VisuaLCNTM Lab Software
  • Remote Binary Protocol Available for Control via 3rd Party Software


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