Egg Drop Team Building

It’s typical for employees to be unfamiliar with members of other department within their company, but Bitrode is creating a different culture.

From engineering to production, the Bitrode headquarters in St. Louis, MO is home to many, interconnected departments. To build teamwork and familiarity between disciplines, employees participated in a company-wide egg drop competition.

Representatives from each department (engineering, admin, production, sale/marketing) made up the teams. Together, they designed and created competing contraptions to house an egg so it will survive a drop uncracked. Each team built from a bag of materials, such as tape, string, pipe cleaners, tongue depressors, etc. For 10 short minutes, teams combined their strengths to create the best contraption possible.

After completing the egg-protecting apparatuses, they were dropped from 10 feet. If the egg survived, they moved to next rounds which included 15 and 20 feet drops.


Out of the 12 teams, 5 survived the 20 feet drop and battled for the winning title in an tie-breaking egg toss competition. 2 from each team tossed their egg to one another at increasing distances until only one team survived.

Employees agreed that the event was a success and helped build comradery. Marketing specialist Brady Hardin said, “It’s a net positive to know the people behind the polite smiles you see in the hallways or in the emails. Sure we were building a little thing to save an egg, but we also built teams.”


Due to its success in bringing people together, Bitrode plans to hold the Egg Drop competition again in the future.