Bitrode Employees Celebrate the Holidays

The Bitrode Headquarters, tucked away in a quiet industrial park in St. Louis, MO, isn’t used to visitors who are children. But things were very different one evening in December. Bitrode opened their doors for employees to invite their loved ones for a festive party and rare look behind-the-scenes look. Families filled the hallways, and even the shop was open to tour (safely, of course).

A photobooth, armed with props and festive borders, provided party-goers with mementos to carry away with them from the event. The CARE TEAM, the party’s organizers, planned special actives and crafts for the kids (and their grown-ups), designating one room each for decorating cookies and birdhouses.Bitrode provided food for everyone by way of two unique food trucks. There were Blues Fired Pizza (, which features a mobile brick oven custom-built into the truck, and Truck Norris (, which specializes in comfort and classic foods with a twist. Everyone left the party very full and satisfied (especially with the cookies and desserts added).

The party was a huge success, and those who attended look forward to more in the future.


Special thank you the party’s organizers, The CARE TEAM. They are a group of volunteer employees organizing to take care of their co-workers inside and outside of the walls of Bitrode.