New VisuaLCN 7.0 – Coming Soon!

Bitrode will be releasing our new VisuaLCN 7.0 this spring!  We have listened to our customers and developed a more robust software for our customers.

New/improved features will include: QuickDataView user interface modifications, Lookup Table Application, and ProgramEditor.

Bitrode continues to offer this user-friendly, totally integrated software platforms for battery lab and formation equipment.  Built using native Microsoft Windows libraries and compilers, VisuaLCN provides an intuitive, easy-to-use, software environment complete with programming editor and reporting capabilities.  Contact us to find out more about what this software can do for you!

Marco Van Raalten, an integral part of Bitrode’s commitment to caring

Some weeks life throws too much your direction and things get too difficult. The management team at Bitrode understands what that feels like and offers the staff a confidant, Marco Van Raalten.

Marco is Missionary in Residence and Network Facilitator at St. Paul’s Evangelical Church in St. Louis. On Thursday mornings, he comes to the Bitrode factory in St. Louis and walks the floor to be there for anyone who needs to talk.

“When I started in December of 2019, I was impressed with how beautiful the community was here,” said Marco. “The company cares about each employee and makes it possible for me to be here to show them how important they are, and to help them feel good about themselves.”

He says the relationships have grown organically, and more people are comfortable talking with him about relationships, issues with raising children, finances, death, and sometimes painful things. He offers prayers and uses his 36 years of experience in ministry to help people see that they don’t have to feel isolated.

“A lot of people carry burdens alone,” says Marco. “I try to give them an opportunity to get it off their chest and be totally open and honest in a confidential setting.”

In additional to these individual conversations, Marco facilitates classes. He is currently finishing a marriage and relationship class and will be starting a creating wealth & budgeting class in the fall. A series on understanding your teenager and family life is next on the program.

“We learn so much from each other and I have seen the corporate culture grow and relationships deepen significantly over the past year,” says Marco. “The conversation in the second session of my most recent class was deeper and more personal than in the last session the first time.”

Originally from Holland, Marco, his wife Kari and their four kids have been in St. Louis since 2018. Besides supporting the team at Bitrode, he works with Evangelical Free Churches of America to accelerate government, civic and business collaboration for the spiritual and social well-being of the whole metropolitan community.

We are thankful to Marco for the time he spends at Bitrode. He is an amazing person. If you haven’t met him yet, introduce yourself to Marco next Thursday.

Bitrode Employees Welcome the Fall with Festivities

Bitrode kicked off the Fall season with 2 annual celebrations.

First, the annual Fall Fest and Chili Cook Off grew from previous years. Every year has included a very competitive chili cook off, but the festivities expanded to include contests for Best Dessert and Best Decorated Pumpkin.

The coveted Best Chili Award was awarded to Testing Tech Wally F, beating out previous winner (and runner up), Director of Purchasing, Hank M.

Winners of Best Dessert included Jr. Buyer Lana C., Sovema USA Customer Service Manager Cindy G., Tech Assembler Mary R., and Plant Manager Ryan B.

Admin Mary R. and Electrical Engineer Youyou W. won the titles of Best Decorated Pumpkin.

Congratulation to all the winners of the Fall Festival!

Second to the festival, some employees dressed up for Halloween. HR Manager Jeff S. came as St. Louis legendary actor John Goodman’s character, Walter Sobchak, from the cult classic “The Big Lebowski.” Painter Larry H. came in with a mullet while Sub Assemblers Richard S. dressed to celebrate the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead (celebrated from October 31 to November 2). Tech Assembler Mary R. won Best Dressed with her full-on clown costume and make-up. Congrats, Mary!


The Bitrode Family is looking forward to the rest of 2019 and a very successful 2020!

Power Sharing in FTF

How to understand power-sharing in Bitrode’s dual circuit FTF family of machines.


Bitrode Corporation offers power-sharing in our FTF machines. But what does that mean for you?

The best way to describe the benefit of power sharing is through an example of when it can be used. In a dual circuit, an FTF that has the total power rating of 400KW will share the 400KW between the two circuits. For an example the circuits could share the power evenly; ckt1=200KW and ckt2=200KW at the same time. The FTF could also distribute the power nonsymmetrical i.e. ckt1=150KW and ckt2=250KW at the same time. The circuits are controlled completely independently of each other. This allows the FTF circuits to utilize the full power available in the FTF. The only limitation in the distribution of power between the circuits is that the absolute sum of the power being output by each circuit may not exceed the total power of the cabinet.

For more information on Bitrode’s FTF family of machines and how they can work for you please contact your local sales representative!