RCN – Reserve Capacity & Discharge Tester

  • Local memory for up to 10 custom programs
  • Units can perform the 20 hour capacity test for batteries up to 2000 ampere-hours
  • Keypad entry for 5-step programs with user specified limit conditions
  • Constant current or constant wattage testing for 6 and 12 volt batteries
  • Battery backed memory for power failure protection of programs and data
  • Temperature monitoring capability
  • Multiple units can be housed in a roll-away cabinet
  • Air cooled by rear-mounted fans
  • Constant current or constant wattage testing for 24 and 36 volt batteries and single cells
  • Test leads to custom lengths
  • Power supply to allow discharge voltage down to 1.5 volts
  • Copper test tips for tapered automotive type terminals in SAE, DIN, or JIS standards
  • Brackets for mounting smaller units in roll-away electronics cabinets
  • RTD temperature devices
  • VisauLCN software and Windows based network
  • 25 ampere units have the BCI 25 ampere reserve capacity test pre-programmed
  • 100 ampere units have the BCI 75 ampere electric vehicle discharge capacity test pre-programmed
  • 25-600 ampere units can be built as bench-top models
  • Reserve Capacity Testing: Perform a constant current discharge to see how long a useful voltage can be maintained on the battery

General Specifications

Voltage: 5-120V

Current: 0-600A

Circuits: up to 12

Network: Coax

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Bitrode’s model RCN is a reserve capacity and discharge tester for automotive and industrial batteries. Each circuit operates from an isolated power supply, allowing modules of different ratings to be packaged in the same cabinet, and making it easy to remove a unit from a cabinet for use alone on the benchtop.

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