A New Leadership for a Stronger Bitrode

Bitrode Corporation is pleased to announce changes in its top management.

The Company, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is a leading battery testing equipment manufacturer, and offers customers an extensive line of products engineered to address the specific requirements of every battery application and chemistry in use today.

Effective beginning March 2016, Bitrode has named Paolo Raponi as the new General Manager and COO and Craig Brunk as the new Director of Sales.

Paolo’s professional background includes responsibilities as an executive and as a consultant for both American and European corporations in multiple industries. He has been living in the United States since 2002.

Craig is an Electrical Engineer, with a strong technical background and with extensive executive experience in international sales.

Paolo and Craig are deeply committed to make Bitrode a stronger and better partner for its customers and for the industry, introducing new products, renewing the product range and strengthening the service level of the Company in every country and continent.

Renowned for its line of laboratory HEV and EV equipment for cell, module and pack level testing and production, Bitrode continues to build equipment from nanoamps to megawatts of power, delivering superior accuracy, reliability and durability.

Almost 60 years of progressive, innovative engineering have resulted in reliable, high performing, flexible designs that have set quality standards for the entire power storage industry.

The key customers of Bitrode include car manufacturers, battery manufacturers, labs, R&D centers and universities.

Bitrode Corporation was acquired in 2008 by Sovema S.p.A., a company based in Italy, with almost 50 years of experience as a worldwide leading supplier of machinery for battery production.

Recognizing years ago that automation, lead savings and environmental control are critical to plant efficiency, Sovema’s specialists developed state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions for battery production.

In its own industrial premises near Verona, Italy, recently enlarged, Sovema is the only equipment manufacturer capable of designing and producing turn-key battery plants.

Bitrode and Sovema can provide their customers with a one-stop shop service for the battery industry, from manufacturing battery automation lines to battery testing equipment, formation, spare parts, software applications, customer support, training and service, for both lead-acid and advanced technologies batteries.

Bitrode and Sovema are already present in every continent, from the Americas to Asia, from Europe to Australia, and the Company is planning a robust development in every country and continent, with the superior quality of its product range and with an outstanding level of service.