TFX – End of Line Testing System

Fully automated production line testing

  • Solid State Silicon Controlled Rectifier (Can test up to 15 automotive or commercial batteries per minute with a 2-second discharge
  • Ability to test 6 or 12 volt batteries
  • Discharge current up to 1500 or 3000 amperes with attached Bitrode Model VRL
  • Constant current or constant voltage test modes
  • Pneumatic clamps and gates used for battery handling
  • Control panel is mounted on a swing arm for ease of operator access and use
  • Closed loop cooling system for VRL load bank
  • Automatic lubrication system for electric test probe positioning system
  • Performs high/low Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) test prior to high current discharge testing
  • Test fixture is designed for testing standard automotive and industrial batteries
  • Testing for top terminal, side terminal, or both top and side terminal batteries
  • Two speed conveyor operation
  • Control through Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Industrial operator interface for programming & operating test fixture, with backlit LCD panel for data display
  • Two step top terminal testing
  • Windows network interface for test data acquisition and storage throughout manufacturing
  • Visual TFX for shared storage of unlimited number of battery program ‘recipes’ – multiple test fixtures can use common pool of battery test parameters and probe position data
  • Reject conveyor perpendicular to test conveyor (parallel option available)
  • Custom operator interface
  • Adaptable to bar code reading
  • Date code printing of batteries
  • Optional gripper for top post batteries
  • Option second test head for increased throughput on a single conveyor
  • High rate discharge testing of automotive and commercial batteries
  • Automated production line testing of 6 and 12 volt automotive and industrial batteries
  • End-of-line Testing

Click HERE to download the datasheet PDF

General Specifications

Voltage: 20V

Current: 3000A

Circuits: up to 2 (PLC controlled)

Accuracy: +1% of FS

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High current discharge testing on the production line is a vital part of automotive and commercial battery manufacturing, and Bitrode’s model TFX is designed for just this task. The TFX combines the toughness required to operate reliably in the harsh environment of a battery facility with the most current networking and productivity tools, ensuring that testing can be smoothly integrated with production workflow and data across the entire manufacturing enterprise.