HD-CR/CD – IGBT Lead Acid Formation Charger

  • Use of high frequency IGBT for charge and discharge, with high efficiency
  • Operation via microcontroller and Bitrode’s VisuaLCN Formation Client Software
  • Reduced footprint (approximately ½ the size) in comparison to a traditional unit with the same power
  • Flash program memory for reliable restart
  • Constant current and constant voltage control
  • Real Time Debug Tool (RDT) for fast and easy troubleshooting
  • Individual circuit control
  • Capability of parallel circuit connection
  • Galvanic isolation of circuits between one another towards the AC input stage
  • TMS Temperature based output current limitation
  • Possible PLC/CAN Interface
  • Custom I / O signals
  • Can interface with external devices and systems
  • Chargers for SLI batteries (flooded and VRLA/AGM), motive power batteries, industrial/traction cells
  • Chargers for water bath formation and closed loop formation
  • Designed for the formation of batteries with charge and discharge or charge only cycles

General Specifications

Voltage: 300-600V

Current:  30-1200A

Circuits:  up to 16

Network:  Ethernet

Efficiency: >92%

Input Power Factor:  >0.99


The HD-CR/CD has been quietly revolutionizing formation operations across the globe since its introduction last year. Because the HD-CR/CD integrates smoothly into any facility’s power grid at significantly higher efficiency and power factors than previous models, this unit is one of the most financially and environmentally responsible capital investments available in the industry.


HD Charger Genreal Configurations