Fully Automated Production Line Testing

Bitrode’s End-of-Line Products Ensure Accurate & Reliable Testing

High current discharge testing on the production line is a vital part of automotive and commercial battery manufacturing, and Bitrode’s Automated End-of-Line Tester – Model TFX is designed for just this task. The TFX combines the toughness required to operate reliably in the harsh environment of a battery facility with the most current networking and productivity tools to ensure that testing can be smoothly integrated with production workflow and data across the entire manufacturing enterprise.

Additional features include:

  • Test up to 20 automotive or commercial batteries per minute with a 2-second discharge
  • Receive substantial production cost savings by eliminating production changeover time using the battery data library within the Visual TFX software to direct the auto-adjusting probes to their proper position and settings
  • Ability to test 6 or 12 volt batteries
  • Discharge current up to 1500 or 3000 amperes with an attached and integrated Bitrode Model VRL
  • Constant current or constant voltage test modes
  • Closed loop cooling system for VRL load bank
  • Perform high/low Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) test prior to high current discharge testing
  • Test for top terminal, side terminal, or both top and side terminal batteries

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