Bitrode’s Visit From the NRDC And Our Proud Role in the EV Revolution

A team from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. (NRDC) took a road trip through the Midwest in August. Along the way, they stopped to visit various movers and shakers in transportation electrification. Their stops included a diverse field of passionate people, including solar enthusiasts, community activists, electric ride share drivers, a racecar driver, manufactures, and more.

Bitrode is honored to have been chosen by the NRDC as a stop on their trip! 80% of Bitrode’s sales are related to transportation, including equipment for electric car batteries. Bitrode is focused on the future proud to be a part of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution.

Bitrode Director of Engineering, Mike Hill, told the NRDC team that since coming onboard with Bitrode a year and a half ago, he has been thinking more about EVs.

“With the big increase in battery demand for EVs, it’s definitely made me think more about electric cars and emissions,” Mike said.


To learn more about the NRDC’s tip and about the others they met along the way, go here:

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